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Things To Do In-Sasan Gir

Things To Do In-Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir is one and the only National life Sanctuary in Asian country for sightseeing lions and there are other various things also to do in Gir. Activities that can be done Sasan Gir are Jeep safari, places to visit in Gir, places close to gir forest,  Activities in gir forest are often enjoyed with members of the family by jeep safari.

The Gir forest department also organizes “Lion shows” which attracts a large number of tourists. They make sure we can see lions from a near distance to make this possible they send trackers early in the morning on the mission to the located places and tempt them with live baits.

Kankai Mata Temple is also a must watch temple to be done in things to do list.Kankai Mata Temple is situated right in middle of Sasan Gir Sanctuary and is visited as principle deity to many castes in India. Guests are required to visit during the day only.