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Gir National Park: Home Of Royal Asiatic Lions Of Sasan Gir

Gir National Park: Home Of Royal Asiatic Lions Of Sasan Gir


Gir National Park

Being specialized in tour and tourism we know your prestigious viewpoints as you want to know more about Gir national Park which is well trending. The tour of Gir National Park will be a lifetime experience for you or for those who want quench their thirst for wildlife sanctuary and its amazing experience. Gir is the best places to sight see Asiatic lions as Gir national Park is one and the only place for Asiatic lions.

Gir National Park: Home of Royal Asiatic Lions

This beautiful park of the only Asiatic lions is 65 kilometers away from Junagdh in the state of Gujarat. In the past Britishers and kings used to hunt lions proudly but after the independence of India, the Government of India totally banned the hunting of animals as they went in to threatened species which were on the verge of extinction. Thus Gir national Park was created on 18th September 1965 to conserve Asiatic lions from extinction. The park covers total area of 1412 square kilometers out of which 258 kilometers is the core area of the sanctuary.

And today according to the census of May 2015 there are 532 lions in the Gir National Park which is really good for wildlife.

How to reach Gir National Park

The National Park is sole reason to attract tourists as it is the only place one can see Asiatic lions. The sanctuary is open for visitors from 16th October to 15th June only.  To reach the park, Junagadh is the best place to go as it is nearest to the National Park of Gir. The travel option to reach Junagadh is through as it is most conveinient way of reaching there by picking up trains from bigger cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Somnath etc.

Or if you want to use flight, you may fly down to Rajkot and then take a taxi to Junagadh  or you can go by bus even through many private travels. 

Major attractions of Gir National Park

Animals: The Gir National Park is a dry and arable forest which is best for Asiatic lions. As per the census conducted on May 2015 there are 532 lions in the Park and more than 275 leopards even reside there. Except these two major animals the Park is also the home rare deer’s.  The Sambhar species is considered to be largest Indian deer which resides in the park.  Gir national park is enclosed by Nalsarovar Lake. Gir wildlife sanctuary is marked by a rough land and sharp rocky hillsides covered with mixed short-time forests. Not only lions, other animals are in the area like leopards, wild boar, chital, chinkara, jackal, porcupine, hareand bluebull. Sasan Gir is great destination for birders too. Marsh Crocodile can be spotted easily in lake of the Kamaleshwar dam.

 Birds: Gir National is a home of more than 200 species of bird and having said that it also considered being best spot for bird sight see according to Indian Bird Conservation network.

Devaliya Safari Park is the area of the Sanctuary that offers a good opportunity for visitors to experience the Asiatic lions for half an hour by mini bus tour.

Reptiles: Gir National is gifted with more than 40 types of Reptiles. Other amphibians like Crocodile and snakes can also be seen near Kamaleshwar dam near the Gir National park.