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We sasangirhotels.com provides you with best Hotels and Resorts in Sasan Gir. We give you complete satisfaction and amusement by our sincere services. The tourists mainly visit Sasan Gir for its diverse attractions such as wildlife experience of Gir National Park, Museums, Forts, temples and much more.There are many cities around it having transportation facilities like Bus, train and Airways thus travelling is no problem.

There are others things to do even so don’t waste time and get the best deal by booking an online trip from our portal and you have option of both luxururious hotels and resots and we also provide economical budget for short trip.

The Gir National Park is only 43 kms away from Junagadh and is located in the south west coast of Gujarat peninsula. . After being known as Sasan Gir national park since 1975, the park is the motherland of Asiatic Lions which are approximately 523 counted officially as on May 2015 along with other species of birds and animals. The Gir national park is widely spread with an area of 1412 km. It is also known as home of Lion Kings and leopards, deer etc.

Our Hotels will give you a pleasurable and comfortable experience providing the visitors with an exploration and exposure to the serene beauty of Gir forest. It also provides good catering services of Gujarati dishes and dishes of other cuisine also for foreign visitors. The Sasan Gir Resorts also give the same unforgettable treatment. 

We allow you with direct contact with nature which are also located near the Gir national park. Accommodation is no big deal to be availed at Sasan Gir.

Since 1884, Gir national Park has been the only habitat of Asiatic lions. During the British Raj lions were proudly hunted although the Government of India banned hunting and now there are 532 Asiatic Lions as of May 2015.

Tourists would go insane on enjoying the zestful, thrilling rides over the safaris, within the heart of the Devalia Safari Park which would brief you about the Gir just in its glance. The safety of Lions is the fundamental duty of the Gir Forest Department during these jeep safaris and hence they are fortified with double chained lock system. The opportunity to know the ‘Maldhari’ culture, the community raising the cattles there, and a Siddi dance performance is like a boon to the visitors.

Crocodile rearing centre, Kamaleshwar dam, built over one of the seven rivers running through the Gir forests, has crocodiles residing into its water and is also a sight worth seeing. Tulsi shyam temple, Somnath temple, kankai temple, diu, Dwarka, kutch, Junagadh, Mandvi beach, Girnar hills are some other destinations which one can en route while their trip to Sasan Gir.

Thus book Hotels and Resorts today from our portal www.sasangirhitels.com to get the thrilling experience.