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Located in the Gujarat peninsula of south west coast, since 1975, Gir forest, after being acknowledged as the Sasan Gir national park, has remained the motherland for the gigantic Asiatic lions, who are assumed to be at the count of 411, along with different other species of birds and animals. The Gir national park is widely spread with an area of 1412 km. It is mainly the shelter for lions, chowsinghas and leopards. Sasan Gir national park is also a customized wildlife sanctuary popularly known by its original name, ‘Sasan Gir’. Junagadh is only 58 kms away from Sasan Gir. Dhak trees, jamun trees, teak, acacia, tendu and the lush greenery all around make the forest of Sasan Gir. With 2375 fauna species, including mammals, birds, reptiles and insects, the wildlife of Sasan Gir is bifurcated as carnivores and herbivores. Lions, jungle cats, hyenas, chinkara, sambhar, nilgai, eagle-owl, woodpecker, Indian pitta, and many such more animals and birds can be confronted at the Sasan Gir national park.

Sasan Gir Tourism helps you to find hotels, resorts, cars on rent, etc. 4 star and 5 star hotels provide well spacious rooms with all the ultra modern amenities. Hotels in Sasan Gir are very comfy and affluent. They provide the visitors with an exploration and exposure to the serene beauty of Gir forest. North dishes as well as Gujarati dishes are deliciously cooked and served with warmth in Hotels of Sasan Gir. Resorts in Sasan Gir provide fully furnished rooms with a lavish and king size treatment to its visitors. They accord you with an unusual and unforgettable experience on your trip to Sasan Gir. Sasan Gir Hotels in the middle of forest allows your direct communication with nature. There are few hotels which are also located near the Gir national park. Accommodation is no big deal to be availed at Sasan Gir.

The safari rides, which is the main activity that is conducted along with the forest experts, in a privatized gypsies, within the devalia safari park, which is just 12 kms away from Sasan, is the place where one can encounter the lions roaming on the roads but with the high security and a thorough fortification all around them. This is the best feature provided by Sasan Gir Tourism for enhancing the thrill of watching the jungle king. Sasan Gir is mainly having a tropical kind of climate. Summers months are hard to be passed at Gir while the monsoons are fun to be around the forest if excessive rains do not trouble you. Winters, with dropping degrees during night, is good time to hang around Gir and overlook the Asiatic lions.

Crocodile rearing centre, Kamaleshwar dam, built over one of the seven rivers running through the Gir forests, has crocodiles residing into its water and is also a sight worth seeing. Tulsi shyam temple, somnath temple, kankai temple, diu, Dwarka, kutch, Junagadh, mandvi beach, girnar hills are some other destinations which one can enroute while their trip to Sasan Gir.

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